Placenta FAQS

What are the reported benefits?

Mothers have reported the following:

  • Increase in lactation
  • Increase in energy
  • Increase in overall mood
  • Decrease in pain
  • Decrease in lochia bleeding
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What is the difference between the traditional and raw start method?

The traditional and raw start method has the same benefits. The placenta in the traditional method is steamed, dehydrated, and grounded into a powder. The raw start method skips the steaming and is only dehydrated and then ground into a powder. It has been reported that the raw start method has more of an effect on mothers because of the hormonal content. The raw start method also contains a higher bacterial count compared to the traditional method.

What if my placenta has to be sent to pathology?

Unfortunately, if your physician feels your placenta needs to be sent off to pathology, I will not be able to continue with the encapsulation process. Placentas that are sent to pathology are often treated with formaldehyde or other solutions. You may discuss the option of sending only a small sample off for testing and keep the remainder of the placenta. If the placenta has to be sent off, we can discuss the option of a burial. But in most cases, they only need a small amount of the placenta to be tested and we can hold off on encapsulation until after the results come back. 

If I had a medicated birth or cesarean section, may I still encapsulate my placenta?

You may absolutely still continue the process! As long as it has not been sent to pathology prior and was properly placed on ice within 1-2 hours.

Are there any reasons that encapsulation should not take place?

The following are some reasons that it is best to not encapsulate:

  • Chorioamnionitis
  • Active GBS infection (Article here)
  • Improper storage  of the placenta
  • Not placed on ice within 2 hours of delivery
  • Refrigerated longer than 48 hours before being frozen
  • Placenta was not kept under 40° F for the entire storage
  • Other active infections that may be reacquired
  • Lyme Disease

Where does encapsulation take place?

Encapsulation happens in your home! APPA strongly encourages using a safe workplace and using your home will ensure this as my kitchen does not qualify under the regulations. While working in your own kitchen, I am able to give you a piece of mind knowing how your placenta is properly prepared and I am also able to give you postpartum support!

How many capsules will I get?

The amount of pills that are processed depends on the size of the placenta.

Do you add herbs to the capsules?

I am not regulated to add any herbs to your capsules as I am not a certified Herbalist.

When should I book for your services?

It is best to contact me at least 6 weeks before your estimated due date so I can put you on my schedule.

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